Google Analytics is changing…

From 1 July 2023 Universal Analytics (UA), the current version of Google Analytics, will stop collecting data. That means that every website using Universal Analytics to track traffic and user behaviour will need to migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to ensure that reporting capabilities aren’t compromised or lost.

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics, which will become the primary web analytics platform, replacing UA and will build upon previous versions of the tracking tool, offering a more robust analytics package to improve reporting needs and user privacy preferences.  

The latest version also includes additional features like predictive analytics and enhanced measurements, which are powered by sophisticated behavioural modelling – and will unlock new levels of reporting efficiency along with more customisation opportunities available to allow greater agility and web and app data analysis.


What does that mean?

Simply put, Google Analytics will offer a comprehensive window for users to engage with websites/apps, unlocking unparalleled levels of knowledge.

Understanding how to fully exploit the data will mean that you can achieve the best results to level up site content and marketing activities. With a sophisticated tracking structure in place, the ‘black box’ of a website and its users is unlocked with precious information leading to incredible outcomes.

From over-arching benefits like understanding the user journey to pinpointing your key traffic and conversion referrers for an optimal media mix, this is a change that that you can’t afford to be part of.  There is also the ability to gather niche learnings, like understanding which mobile operating systems bid more aggressively for you in your digital marketing efforts, so the possibility of mining rich insights is going to be game changing.


We can help you!

Four’s expert digital media team offers a range of GA4 and Google Tag Manager services to help you ensure consistent and accurate reporting, which will maximise the value of the platform and your data. 

Our services cover a range of relevant processes relating to the migration, from an initial audit of existing tracking structures and educational training sessions for internal stakeholders to implementation and optimisation of the tracking structures and on-going consultancy to ensure that they update alongside site changes. 



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