Over 30 million plus people have signed up to Mark Zuckerberg’s rival Twitter app since it launched this week and it’s still rising. The app, which you sign into via your Instagram account, has defined its platform as a place to share text updates and join public conversations.  And it’s certainly working so far.

Brands like the well-known social disrupters, Aldi were quick to get on the channel posting memes and teasing content about the fun they will have mocking their competitors on a whole new platform. 

Each Thread can be up to 500 characters long and can include photos, videos and links.  But despite being able to share media, many social media fans and experts have expressed they’d like to see the platform be used a space for friendly conversation and debate, differentiating itself from the toxic environment Twitter can own and the visual media Instagram already does so well.

Whilst most people’s First Thread is simply saying hello or asking questions about what Threads is, many have taken the opportunity to mock Elon Musk and his attempts to make Twitter a more profitable and engaging space (plus many many memes about his proposed physical fight with Zuckerberg).

However we’re also enjoying brands and individuals who are using the platform to start genuine conversations, such as mental health charities reaching out to people who might want to chat. And we hope this continues. 

Threads have set off with some strict tools to enable positive conversations. You have the ability to control who mentions or replies to you as well as unfollowing, blocking, restricting or reporting a profile. 

Lots of brands have already set up profiles and started posting. Social media managers are, like everyone else, still getting their heads around how it works and what levels of success it will reach but we love exploring new channels and ways to speak to audiences. 

Contact if you’re interested in jumping on the Threads bandwagon too. 

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.