Serving up the perfect branding solution

We were briefed by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society to develop a brand identity for a new food village within the Royal Welsh Show for 2023.

We wanted consumers to: 

  • Think - if i'm hungry then i need to head to this part of the show. 
  • Feel - this is a food heaven where i can refuel and relax. 
  • Do - make a purchase from one of the many vendors, sit down and enjoy the entertainment.

And Gwledd/Feast was created. It delivered 98% positive responses (from visitors) regarding enjoyment and 95% indicating that the area facilitated access to Welsh food and drink.

“Just wanted to thank you for all your support with GWLEDD. It was a resounding success which exceeded my expectations!”

Aled Rhys Jones, Chief Executive, Royal Welsh Show.


Creativity was included within the logo design and as a pictorial representation of the sentiment of the brand, we weaved in a fork into both the English and Welsh names.

Having the brand identity clean and giving equal visual weighting to size and colour for English and Welsh was an important balance. The brand, whilst kept simple in colour palette, has the opportunity to be adapted based on the growing needs, future proofing the freshness and consistency of long term brand building.

Range of styles

Once we had established the blueprint of the brand, and understood the competition, the target audience and stakeholder map, we looked at where the brand might be used, in what environment, context, platform and format.

Typography was considered, including different ways the logo could be represented visually as well as presenting different creative routes. Accessibility was considered at all stages. Using the colour palette meant that we were able to look at a pictogram and animated route, for future consideration around quick turnaround times and cost effective video/animation routes, as well as a photographic route.

Food for thought

Qualitative data from exit surveys conducted at the event showed positive brand sentiment among the public, and using our tool BrandWatch, we were able to identify positive sentiment analysis pre, during and post event around brand advocacy and preference, including press responses and influencer responses as evidenced below.


After much popularity within the Foodhall, a brand new food village within the showground was designed. Under the new chief executive, Aled Rhys Jones wanted to create a space where families could come and take a break, refuel and be entertained.

The brief

Create a brand identity for the new food village at the Royal Welsh Show.

How we interpreted the brief

We first took an open brief from the main stakeholder to understand their vision and purpose for this project. Using structured open ended questions, we encouraged the client to talk freely to obtain as much information. This included practicalities such as touchpoints, where the brand was going to be placed and seen, to consideration of the longevity of the brand and the future use of it. The brand also needed to consider the requirements around having a strong Welsh identity, needing to align with Welsh Government’s Food & Drink Wales brand and CAFC/RWAS brand, as well as being used alongside 15-20 independent food brands. Understanding these fundamentals were key to creating a successful brand.

This ensured that our work streams and creative processes were tight and meant that we were able to deliver this project within the space of 8-10 weeks.

In English and Welsh our brand team determined that the most effective brand name would be Gwledd | Feast.

Creativity and innovation

Our creative and client service teams begun with desk research around food festivals internationally, domestically and locally where key themes were drawn. We found that certain themes and positioning statements were used across a number of food festivals, and that certain copy and words were repeatedly used. Our Welsh language copywriters looked at the equivalent to eliminate words that would not hold equal sentiment in both languages. The main themes were Experience, Wales, Community, Location.

Branding concepts

Under the branding development phase, new names were thought of and colours discussed. Our team used world leading trend analysis tools such as WGSN and Mintel to inform our creativity and we identified the key colours for 2023/2024.

Colour psychology was also considered and this informed the wider colour palette to be incorporated into the brand, which protects the future use and allows the brand to flex for different times of the year for example winter shows and into different consumer emotions. It also took into consideration wider global factors, such as the cost of living crisis, post Covid return and appealing to a younger foodie generation.