The NHS provides a huge range of mental health services in North London, but finding them is not a simple task.

As the culmination of a five year project to improve mental health provision in Camden, we were briefed to create a site that not only provided easy access to mental health services in the borough, but also helped people understand what was on offer even if they’ve never interacted with the NHS before.

We consulted over three months with a wide range of service users, GPs and clinical workers and delved into academic research to create a site that features extremely high levels of accessibility, designed around the complex needs of its primary users, underpinned by a dynamic, ‘fuzzy’ search functionality on the home page that helps people find exactly what they need, even if they don’t know what they’re looking for.

Visit the site at

  • Screenshot fo the Camden Mental Health website
  • Screenshot of the Camden Mental Health website with a search result showing