The Children’s Hospital Charity (TCHC) are a longstanding client of ours: the charity fundraising arm of Sheffield Children’s Hospital. We built their website and
have worked with them for many years.

Like many charities, they have been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic. As part of our longstanding relationship with them we recently took the opportunity to conduct an in-depth analysis of their site, extending the report into a full strategy session.

This analysis managed to bring together for them a single narrative combining the efforts of the marketing team, the campaign team, the donations team, and
external work on social. It has identified improvements to the donation flow which have saved the donations and finance team time, whilst increasing income.

It has also helped them to identify improvements to their marketing spend (not a service we cover for them) to improve search rankings, and also define a new
content strategy to create a more joined up approach.

It’s a great example of how our proactive partnership has translated into real change, creating huge impact from what is in essence a series of small tweaks.

Visit the website at

  • Screenshot of The Children's Hospital Charity website